About Us

We believe that some of the most fun activities in the world can also be the most dangerous…and the most rewarding. When pursuing an active lifestyle, there will always be the possibility of an accident waiting to happen on the horizon. And, while you can’t plan for an accident, we believe that you can prepare for it. In the Kanairi community, we believe in the importance of connecting our human resources with our technological resources. That there are endless possibilities at the core of where community and technology intersect. We shouldn’t live life on the sidelines out of fear for the unknown. We should pursue life with fervor and passion. We should embrace opportunities to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones - to live life on the edge, responsibly. At Kanairi, we use cutting edge practices to provide layers of protection for your expeditions.

Awesome Features

Kanairi is a system for monitoring and analyzing angular velocity data and comparing it against a preset threshold. Once this threshold has been reached, Kanairi will send a preprogrammed SMS text messages containing your current GPS location to the emergency phone numbers you have preset. We have also developed a panic button on top of the Kanairi sensor which, when triggered by the user, automatically sends out the same SMS messages to your emergency contacts. Kanairi gives both you and your loved ones a better peace of mind.


Continually monitors and analyzes angular velocities in real time to report possible collisions.


Sensor is tethered to iPhone through a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection.


Constantly monitors global positioning (GPS) to identify the location of user throughout the entire course of use.

Emergency Contacts

In the event of a collision, pre-programmed SMS responses are sent to your emergency contacts with your GPS location.

Secure Login

User must login to profile before pairing sensor so we know where to send automatic SMS responses.


You have adventuring to do so just put us in the background of your iPhone and we will do the rest.

Purchase Kanairi $149

kanairi sms system emergency sensor hiking skiing road biking cycling motorcycle harley davidson Kanairi

kanairi sms system emergency sensor hiking skiing road biking cycling motorcycle harley davidson Kanairi

When paired with our sensor, Kanairi tracks your location and G-forces, then alerts your emergency contacts via SMS message when you may have been in an accident. To activate Kanairi, pair your sensor, start streaming and allow the app to run in the background on your device. The sensor is programmed to read the acceleration and g-force metrics of your mode of transportation (car, motorcycle, hiking etc.) and send alerts when those metrics reach the typical level found in severe accidents. This app will help you and your loved ones be worry-free on your next journey.

  • Each purchase includes: one sensor, one sensor clip, micro USB charger and iPhone app
  • Only available for iOS devices
  • Must be running 9.1 operating system or above on iPhone

Apps Screen Shot

We have worked hard to develop a very user friendly interface that is designed to step you through each feature effortlessly


About Me

Kanairi has been synthesized from a dream of creating digital products that help keep you safe. I am so very lucky to do what I love.


1225 E Sunset Dr, STE 145 PMB #428
Bellingham WA United States

kanairi sms system emergency sensor hiking skiing road biking cycling motorcycle harley davidson Kanairi